It’s not too late to change your university experience

Your university experience only lasts for 3 years so make sure it’s exactly right for you. If the course you are currently on doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s not too late to find something more suitable.

We have a number of students that have joined our Film degree mid way through their first year or joined in the second year and never looked back. Most students that transfer to Screenology have done film or media elsewhere, expecting to make films, however got stuck reading books and writing essays. Some students have started science or history courses and realised that what they really wanted to do is make films. If you want a course that offers hands on learning through making films (one every 2 weeks!), read on.

So how do I transfer to Screenology?

The transferring process is really straight forward and you can start at any point in the year. To start the process please contact, to arrange to come in and have a tour. This will help you see whether we are a good fit. We can also discuss student finance, accommodation etc. to help you transition as smoothly as possible.



During my second year of studying History, I had a breakthrough where I realised I needed to be studying film instead. I was struggling with the course, had no interest in it and was fed up being limited in what I must study and what I should write. I chose Screenology because the course seemed flexible and practical - meaning I would be able to make wildlife documentaries rather than just focusing on big productions. I was very excited to be a part of something so different and applied in November. I was shocked at how quickly I was offered a place on the course and was asked to join in January, the month after my interview. Screenology were more than accommodating to make sure everything was ready for my sudden start and I was supported by all members of staff, helping me catch up quickly with what my peers had learnt. I am so glad I made the change, I enjoy being a part of the Screenology environment and have met some amazing people. I also get to create whatever I want to, meaning every day I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a wildlife filmmaker!
— Yasmine, Year 2
I transferred from a Film and TV degree at the University of Bristol. I made the decision to move because I was fed up of unorganised modules and the waste of time and money spent on learning things that I had no use for. Since I joined Screeno I have been inspired and motivated to make films and enjoy my University experience. The transfer was easy, quick and simple and since then I have never looked back.
— Finn, Year 2
I began my Film degree at The University of Gloucestershire. I was disappointed with the lack of opportunities, the unfriendly course mates and being treated like I was still in school rather than an adult as a part of a team.
My first impression of coming to Screenology in December 2017 was it’s welcoming nature. I felt more valued than before and that alone was a big step in the right direction. I also enjoyed that it was purely a Film school rather than a Media department in a large University.
Now, I live in a house with six other Screenology students. I am treated like a person and I’m given as much support and as many opportunities as I had hoped for. I’m now part of a diverse community of filmmakers that work hard and push each other. I have easy access to all the equipment I could need, I have a facility with room to create and work in, and I have an excellent staff that I feel comfortable talking to at any time.
Overall, the move was challenging but very much worth the effort.
— Arriyan, Year 2