Monday 2nd October - Friday 13th October


We are launching a Writers Bootcamp, taking place in Bristol at the start of October.

The first 5 days will involve workshops, idea generation and collaboration with a film crew in the heart of city. Then you will have 7 days to write a 6 episode web series under the guidance of a professional Script Editor. At the end of the fortnight you will hand over your script to the series directors.

Production will take place in November and distribution will follow an intensive marketing campaign in January 2018. You are also invited to the private premiere Screening on Friday 8th December!

Title: ‘Confidence’

The Concept: Two contrasting characters work together to pull off a con.

Episodes: 6, each episode 2-5 mins (2-5 pages), complete series run time approx 20mins.

Location: Bristol City 

Provided: Training, Feedback, Lunch on the first 5 days.

Bootcamp Cost: NONE!

What we need from you: Creative thinking, fast writing, commitment to completing by the deadline, and attending workshops for a minimum of 2 hours each day (for the first 5 days).

What you get: A copy of the finished webseries, Screenwriter Credit, Share in profits made from Views/Subscriptions and or Sales. Added to Screenology Writers Pool - VIP events and first dismissal of future opportunities.

This is a great opportunity to get your work made and broadcast, work with a seasoned script editor and gain experience for film/tv screen writing.

Sound like the opportunity for you? Only 4 places available so Apply Now!


Screenology is a fast growing innovative Film Productions Company and training facility based in Bristol City Centre. We pride ourselves in our hands-on approach to learning and efficient turnaround of content. Our team delivers engaging, high quality content that successfully wins awards and gets over a million views on Youtube.


Who you will be working with:

  • Course Director: Tom BD, Head of Screenology Studio, School and Productions.

  • Script Editor: Claire Miller, series writer on Casualty, The Worst Witch and Holby City.

  • Host: Sonia Wargacka, Assistant Studio Producer.

  • Film Crew: Screenology Filmmakers currently on our degree placement