MONDAY 27th November - Friday 1st December

What's in it for you?

You will get to work and learn in an exciting writers' room environment, intensely developing ideas and characters over a week.  

You will get to complete your script under the guidance of a professional TV Script Editor.

Screenology will be planning to shoot the best pieces within the next 6-9 months.



What is it all about?

On the back of the success of our October bootcamp, we are launching our second Writers' Bootcamp, taking place in Bristol at the end of November to help us develop a number of productions we will shoot in 2018.

The first 5 days will involve workshops, character generation and collaboration with Screenology producers to develop a range of ideas we are looking produce as a studio (see below).  

Who are we looking for?

Screenology is looking for emerging writers with any amount of experience.  What's most important is a can-do attitude, a willingness to experiment and a reasonable dose of stamina!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens During bootcamp?

Each successful writer will be allocated a project to write and develop. The bootcamp will involve scriptwriting guidance, as well as a chance to nail down some key themes, characters and plot points with the project director, within the constraints set down by the Studio team.

Will I work on my own?

You will be the sole scriptwriter; however it is important that you can develop the existing idea faithfully, within constraints and incorporating some feedback/necessary modifications. 

What happens after the bootcamp?

After the bootcamp, you will need to meet regular script deadlines set by our Script Editor, who will be able to provide detailed feedback and suggestions.

How many writers are you looking for?

We are looking for 5 enthusiastic, emerging writers to develop a range of film projects. 

Who is it open to?

Applications are open to all!  We think emerging talent - people just trying to get started in the industry - will get the most out of the programme.

What happens after I apply?

How much does the bootcamp cost?

Nada.  We don't charge, nor do we pay you.  If we make your script and it has any financial success you will share in the riches!

So... how do I apply?

Simply click the yellow button at the top of this page and complete the simple form.  You will have to include 2 pages from a recent piece of work in your submission.  That's it... easy!

The Studio team will read your submissions and announce the successful writers by Friday 17th November 2017. Successful writers' preferences will be taken into account when allocating a project.

I was unsuccessful before, can i apply again?

Yes, absolutely. We get so many great applications and are, sadly, unable to offer a place to everyone.  So it's well worth having another go at applying.

Will I get feedback if I'm not successful?

Unfortunately, due to our limited resources, we're not at this time able to offer feedback to unsuccessful applicants.


1. BANG!

Feature Film

"8 midlife crises sharing a weekend."  

Jake, thirty-nine and three quarters, and dying of a degenerative disease, has invited a group of old friends to his dilapidated country pile.  In a bizarre farewell evening he's planned, he wants one of his friends to kill him... with a gun.  Will Ben his jealous brother-in-law, a black manager who feels life has wasted his creative talents, oblige?  

3. State of Mind

Web Series

"If Groundhog Day were a Black Mirror episode."

Main Setting: Hotel/Asylum

Themes: Family values, isolation

Dom wakes up in a seemingly deserted hotel... every day... for months.  He can't leave.  He's alone.  But he established a comforting routine.  Until one day... (See pilot episode below):

Video coming soon!

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5. The Couple's Demise

Short Film

Main Setting: Grittleton Manor House

Themes: Broken Relationship, Keeping up appearances

This experimental drama will be shot as one single shot, starting and ending as an aerial drone shot. The piece will explore the crumbling relationship of a wealthy couple in charge of their historical country estate.

2. Electric Coast

Feature Film

"A western in Weston"

Harrington is a single parent (of 2 children), a teacher, a pacifier.  The community's Mr Nice Guy.  Everyone knows him.  Everybody likes him.  

A modern day luddite movement sweeping the country has arrived in his classically damaged seaside town.  They want to destroy all technology (and at the same time the fabric of society... despite their better intentions).  Harrington is not good at looking out for himself - but threaten his kids...



TV Series

"A comedy exploring generation:ME"

[Mockumentary, with stylised cinematic scenes in which the characters imagine fantasy scenarios.] 

Main Setting: A vibrant production office-cum-vlogging studio.

Themes: Fame vs success

Nourished and nannied on a host of millennial YouTubers, Lara spent her teens chasing internet fame whilst holding down 12 hours shifts as a cafe barista.

Her self-help zeal and pathological fear of being a cog in a corporate coffee machine drives her to find her sip of success.  Her video 'Ten ways to kiss your boyfriend' spreads like an infectious STD.  We meet her one year later as she is trying to redefine herself as someone more wholesome.

Lara's past refuses to be suppressed, even despite accepting funding from Jenny Althorne, CEO of media powerhouse *Screenology*, to helm a new lifestyle media brand: Parallel Millennial.    


YouR own ideas

Whilst priority will go to our own projects, we are very open to other works you have developed or have in-development.  Please advise us when you get in touch.


Any of these get you inspired?  Sound like the opportunity for you? Limited places available so apply now!

Screenology is a fast growing innovative film production company and training facility based in Bristol city centre. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to learning, and efficient turnaround of content. Our team delivers engaging, high quality content that is winning awards and reaching millions of hits on YouTube.


Who you will be working with:

  • Course Director: Tom BD, Head of Screenology Studio, School and Productions.

  • Script Editor: Claire Miller, TV writer and Script Editor  (inc. Casualty, The Worst Witch and Holby City).

  • Screenology Studios Producer: Tilly Karabina

  • The directors of some of the above projects.