Screenology is hosting open auditions for 9 new film productions!

We are looking to cast around 80 speaking roles FOR OUR LEGENDARY COMMUNITY FILM PRODUCTIONS,  find out more below... 


Who are we looking for?

Screenology is looking for emerging actors with any amount of experience.  What's most important is a can-do attitude, a willingness to experiment and a reasonable dose of stamina!


You will work with a wide range of talented young filmmakers in Bristol area, gain experience on working on set, have new material to add to your showreel and join our ever growing actors community.

Whilst these are community productions (and, as such, we are unable to pay fees), we are treating them very seriously.  Should they reap any financial success, that will be distributed fairly amongst talent and crew.  But we urge you to participate for the experience, as financial gain is very unlikely.


Our award-winning, talented young Screenologists, are directing a range of features, series and shorts. Most productions will have a 2 week shooting period, and will be filmed in Bristol and surrounding areas.

This year we are trying something completely new - an open audition where all are welcome! We will give you a random script extract and a partner on the day - and based on your tape and availability - will cast all roles across all the productions.


By registering, you commit to attending at the time and slot of your choice. If for any reason you cannot attend, please do let us know, as spaces are limited.

Q: What will happen at the audition?

A: Welcome drink and introductions from the Screenology Studio Team. We will take your photo and ask you to complete an availability form. You will then be assigned a partner and script extract. You will have between 30-90 mins to practice in a rehearsal workshop, before we start calling pairs to perform the extract in front of camera.

Q: Do I need to bring anything or prepare?

A: No - just bring yourself and dress comfortably. There will be no preparation necessary. *It might be worth bringing your diary or phone so you can check your availability.

Q: How will you cast the parts?

A: The directors have provided detailed character bio’s and a list of key physical attributes to aid the casting process; so your match to these, plus your on-screen chemistry, and your availability during the shooting period, will be taken into account when casting roles.

Q: Is there anything else you look out for?

A: We look out for people who we think are comfortable in front of the camera, willing to improvise and work with last-minute changes, and are really up for embracing the low-budget filmmaking experience - filmmaking is not very glamorous, but it is rewarding!

Q: Are these opportunities paid jobs?

A: Community productions are unpaid - however you will be offered a contract which will outline any expenses covered, working hours and conditions, as well as delivery of the final film etc.

Q: When will I know if I have been offered a part?

A: Call backs will be announced on the week commencing Monday 4th February, final castings will be announced by Friday 15th February.

Q: When can I read the scripts?

A: We are not releasing the scripts, unless you have been cast in a speaking role. If you do get cast in a speaking role, we will send you further information about the project and character, as well as a final draft of the script as soon as possible.

Q: What happens after the audition?

A: If you are not cast, we will keep your details on record - we may re cast some roles, offer you a walk-on part, or invite you to future auditions or networking events that we host. If you are cast, we will arrange a script read-through with the director as soon as possible.



Couples Demise

Short Film: On their wedding day, a couple end up arguing in front of their house staff- ending their marriage before it even begins. 

The Man Who Loved Flowers

Period Short Film: Passers by observe a young man in love, on his way to meet his girl... only when he gets there - she is not who he expects to find.

Meadow Park

Drama Feature Film: Dev must seek out his missing sister to uncover the truth around his father's dark past


State Of Mind

Thriller Web Series: Dom wakes up in a seemingly deserted hotel... every day... for months.  He can't leave.  He's alone.  But he established a comforting routine.  Until one day when two new guests turn up, he begins to wonder who is keeping them there and why.



Parallel Millennials

TV Comedy Pilot Series: Ex vlog-star Lara starts up a new media company with a cast of misfits.

Song Of The Open Road

Short Film: Alba is an artist who, after being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, decides to take her own life - leaving behind her greatest installation yet.


Action/Sci fi/Dystopian Feature Film: Niki and co must break into rebel HQ and steal a time-travel orb, before the rebel leader returns, but they’ll have to put up a fight.

Fishing For Waves

Short Film Romantic Dramedy: When two suicide jumpers meet on a bridge - they end up spending one of the most magical days of their lives together.

Dreams of an Atomic Future

Action/Sci fi Short Film: Daniel is surviving in a luxury nuclear bunker, waiting for news of war or peace. When a SWAT team try to raid - he protects himself with a myriad of booby traps.





"8 midlife crises sharing a weekend."  

Feature Film: Jake, thirty-nine and three quarters, and dying of a degenerative disease, has invited a group of old friends to his dilapidated country pile.  In a bizarre farewell evening he's planned, he wants one of his friends to kill him... with a gun.  Will Ben his jealous brother-in-law, a lawyer who feels life has wasted his creative talents, oblige?