Most film-makers agree that the best way to learn is by making stuff, lots of stuff! There is no substitute for learning from experience.  This is at the heart of our educational philosophy at Screenology.  Literally from day one, you will be encouraged to make numerous different films, covering all aspects of film-making.  Although not a definitive list (and some projects may vary) this gives you an idea of what you'll get up to:



  • Produce a 2 min silent movie - using basic tools and in camera editing
  • 60 Second 'autobiography'
  • A 'How To' instructional video



  • Non-synch sound project - where you add sound ADR/Foley to a silent film
  • An Emotional Beat -  create a short scene that evokes a specific emotion
  • A music promo
  • Capturing a real world live performance
  • Recreate a scene from a classic movie with a focus on lighting
  • Direct a short scene from script or an alternative short script
  • A photographic project to establish a strong understanding of composition
  • Create a 30 second Youtube advertisement for a second-hand item.
  • Edit a scene from a TV documentary with real footage*
  • Produce a magazine-style online TV show
  • Write, direct and produce a dramatic short
  • Make a short-documentary exploring a specific genre/s
  • Produce a pilot and outline for a web series
  • Film and edit a visual montage
  • Create a narrative scene of audio only
  • Create a video ‘bumper’ for your own brand
  • Create a promo for a crowd-funding project
  • Produce a piece for a real online video channel
  • Cut your own showreel
  • Script Analysis on a feature length script
  • Plus many more...



In your final year you will have the opportunity to really focus.  Possible projects might include:

  • Making a full length drama or documentary
  • Producing a complete web series
  • Producing an online TV channel