Level 4 - YEAR 1

FLM C01 Contextual Studies 1 (20 credits)

Heck even the UK's most practical degree programme must have some theory.  Great directors like Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Steve McQueen, Quentin Tarrantino, Andrea Arnold etc. all continue to study other films.  Deconstructing other movies really helps us improve our own filmmaking.  This module consists of film criticism; deconstructing images, narratives and understanding genre and the theoretical ideas underpinning filmmaking.  Not for the sake of academic study, but to really support you in honing your filmmaking mind.

FLM C02 Sound 2 (20 credits)

Sound is absolutely essential to great filmmaking.  Indeed many filmmakers believe it is responsible for 50% (or more!) of the audience's emotional experiences. This module will give you the opportunity to gain essential skills in sound design and technical application.  It will introduce equipment, software and the basic foundations of recording, foley, dubbing etc. Sound editing will be a central component here.

FLM C03 Camera 1 (20 credits)

It is important that all filmmakers understand the essentials of the camera (even if you have no plans to become a cinematographer).  Image construction and composition using a variety of cameras form the foundation of this module.  Whilst also including skills such as lighting, studio shooting and mis-en-scene to enable you to capture truly engaging visual work. 

FLM C04 The Business 1 – Filmmaker's launch pad (20 credits)

By introducing various aspects of the industry, you will become prepared and skilled to work in any area of filmmaking.  In order to prepare for film projects, this module focuses on the role of the director/producer and pre-production skills that enable you to become knowledgeable in finance, storyboards, treatments, locations, casting, copyright amongst other areas.

FLM C05 Film Project 1 (40 credits)

This is the culmination of all first year skills and experiences.  You will make a series of short films demonstrating your knowledge, understanding and film making skills in pre production, cinematography/sound and post-production.  We expect you to be well on your way to working professionally by the end of this first year.

Level 5 - YEAR 2

FLM D01 Contextual Studies 2 (20 credits)

The guest lecture series will continue in this module and develop further to take account of the research methods and study skills required for the academic content of the programme. Research as practice will be a critical focus for the film programme.

FLM D02 Sound 2 (20 credits)

More advanced technical and software skills and an introduction to the psychology of sound will underpin the design elements of this module.  By looking at the role of sound within various genres you will be able to move between styles and create soundscapes, conceptual pieces, utilise archives as well as more traditional input.

FLM D03 Camera 2 (20 credits)

This module will begin to work with technical equipment such as tracks, dollies and jibs but it will also start to explore the cinematography of the urban and rural landscape and the technical and creative skills needed in film making outside the studio.  More advanced editing and post-production skills will be applied here also in preparation for Film Project 2.

FLM D04 The Business 2 – The creative entrepreneur (20 credits)

To enable you to become an independent filmmaker you also need essential business tools.  This module will develop the themes of Business 1 and extend the industry skills to converting films into multi-platform content, building a brand as a film maker, understanding the impact of and utilising social networking as a marketing tool. This is applied learning at its best!  You will not just become aware of distribution, agents and film festivals but also actually engage with the process.  Submitting work for film festivals will become implicit in the film projects and this module will enable you to understand, experience and refine the application process.

FLM D05 Film Project 2: Documentary (40 credits)

Here, we draw on the tradition of documentaries. Run as an intensive module, you will study the format and purpose of the documentary before outlining your own proposal, pitching the idea, refining it and finally making a five-minute documentary.  This will be a small group project where individuals share all pre-production work and have a strict role within the shoot and edit (director / editor / sound / camera).

Level 6 - Year 3

FLM H01 Film Project 3: Drama (40 credits)

The final year will begin with another exciting major film project tackling the genre of drama.  By using existing film scripts or adapted texts, you will be working with high quality source material.  You will work within the confines of the genre and most importantly, develop skills in communication and directing when working with actors. This will result in a ten-minute short film.

FLM H02 Contextual Studies 2 (40 credits)

This will be a major piece of writing on a choice of subjects – it could be a critical analysis of a particular genre, film, director or theme, unpacking the context and theory involved; or it could be a critical reflection of an aspect of your own film making - for example the use of sound or editing in the final Film Project 4.

FLM H03 Film Project 4  (40 credits)

This is the final showcase for student filmmaking.  It can draw upon any genre and must be between 10-15 minutes long.  The piece will have thorough pre-production planning including pitching and treatments and will be done in a way that reflects true industry experience. 

There will be a final showcase and screening where industry partners, present students, alumni and tutors celebrate the new graduates.