Many filmmakers love to get their hands on the latest kit... at Screenology we won't disappoint!  


We have a number of criteria when choosing equipment for this course:


We believe our students should be using the same gear that current professionals are using. 


Everybody has an opinion on what the best camera/editing software etc. is.  We believe that students should become aware of a diversity of equipment.  Being able to adapt is a key skill in 21st Century Filmmaking and by using a variety of different types of camera etc. you will become better at adapting to whatever a situation presents.  Equally, every piece of equipment usually has it merits and the more you have experienced this the better position you will be in to adapt when necessary.


You can always expect to be using the latest innovations within the industry.  We are constantly updating and expanding our equipment resources... whether it is the latest design of camera stabiliser, an innovation in editing software or just a great new lens you can rely on us to stay ahead of the game.


There is no point in having all this gear if you can't get your hands on it.  All gear is bookable at no cost to students.  Whether it is an edit suite for the night, a full rig for a 3 day shoot or just an extra lens for a quick project students will be able to book the right gear for their projects.