This course has been designed from the ground up; as such, we have focussed solely on modules that are vital for a fulfilling career in film. We mix loads of practical work with the academic underpinning necessary to give you the tools to succeed!


You are a cinematographer

The primary tool of the film-maker is the camera.  In the 21st Century that camera could be a phone, a domestic video, a DSLR, right up to a fully-fledged 35mm cine camera.   But no matter what is being used to capture image… the master storyteller must have a profound understanding of light, composition, movement and mise-en-scene.   In our cinematography modules you will explore them all in depth.


You are a sound technician/designer

When sound entered the movie industry it changed everything.  Even today, most filmmakers would describe the audio and soundtrack as being 50% of a movie.  In the sound modules you will explore the art and mechanics of recording and editing sound.  From microphone choices, through to audio special effects and from music composition to producing the final mix.


You are a writer

Underpinning virtually every piece of screen content, whether it’s a 60 sec commercial, an hour-long TV documentary or full length feature film, is a narrative - a beginning, middle and end.  You will deconstruct the structures of story, exploring the power of moving images to engage and stir emotion in the viewer.  This will be in the context of both fiction and the essential narrative of documentary and commercial production.


You are an editor

Immerse yourself in the precision and power of post-production.  You will  explore the language and techniques of the edit, look at the technical and psychological aspects of sound design and experiment with visual effects and motion graphics.  


You Are an academic

Great film-makers combine their can-do pragmatic approach with an astute intellect.  In our contextual studies modules we support you in honing your critical analysis and understanding of the structures of film.  Whilst primarily academic, you will be constantly applying your learning in real world practical projects.  These studies will dive in to the history of cinema to explore the birth and development of conventions that are widely used across all media.


You are an entrepreneur

To become a successful, independent film-maker requires a number of essential business tools.  We will explore what it is to build a brand as a film-maker, to becoming competent in using digital media and social networking as a marketing tool, and to build confidence in pitching.  We will uncover the mechanics of traditional distribution, agents and film festivals… whilst also looking at self-publishing and distribution in the internet-age.    You will have the chance to learn essential networking skills, how to search for and create opportunities and present your own portfolio of work.  You can expect to line-up exciting and relevant industry placements during your time on the course.